Pond Vacuums

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond vacuums are a good way to keep a larger pond clean and free of debris that may fall into it like leaves, berries, and other unwanted materials. For smaller ponds, pond cleaning can simply consist of the pump itself. This is designed to suck in water, send it through a filter to get rid of impurities, and send out the cleaner water back out into the pond. For bigger cleaning tasks, however, pond vacuums will be needed.

Pond Vacuums: Keeping it Clean

A pond vacuum will have a pump of its own for removing water and placing it into its storage container. The vacuums made for ponds are similar to those made for swimming pools in many ways. The only difference is that more dirt and debris is going to occur in a pond than in a swimming pool. At the same time, the vacuum should not be so powerful that it can potentially ruin a pond landscape. Just be careful when vacuuming a pond to steer clear of the plants and fish.

The main purpose a vacuum will serve will be in getting rid of larger, unwanted debris. The filter pump, and even the life in the pond itself will take care of the more minor, everyday impurities. It's things like leaves, berries, seeds or other debris that have sunk to the bottom of a pond that a vacuum will be most useful in cleaning up.

For the other things, a pond skimmer will play a useful role in getting rid of floating debris. Again, the purpose of tools like pond vacuums or skimmers is very similar to those used to maintain a swimming pool. Don't think that swimming pool equipment will do for a pond, though. Make sure the cleaning equipment is made specifically for ponds.

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