Pond Waterfall

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Pond Features

If you want to maximize the beauty of your backyard pond, you need to include at least one water feature. If you have to choose, I'd say a pond waterfall is the most desirable of all pond water features. You can design your pond waterfall to be any height you want and surround it with a selection of exotic pond plants such as hostas to make a really exciting display.

There's nothing quite so dramatic or romantic than a well-designed pond waterfall when it's all lit up at night. But beauty is not all you get with water features such as a pond waterfall. They are great at oxygenating your pond water which not only makes for healthier fish, but can reduce the pressure on your pond filtration system.

A Pond Waterfall for Oxygenation

Algae and parasites will not have such an easy time of it in a pond that's well oxygenated due to an effective pond waterfall. So for the sake of your fish, a pond waterfall is a great idea. You need to make sure that the back of your waterfall is waterproofed with some kind of pond liner so that the water doesn't drain out. If the pond and the waterfall are waterproofed with the same pond liner, then this is the ideal situation.

You can place rocks and plants to make your pond waterfall look as natural as possible, and for great dramatic effect. Expert lighting can make a really fabulous nighttime feature of your pond waterfall too. Once it's finished, chances are you'll just love hanging out next to your pond waterfall!

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