Reflecting Pools

Written by Michael O'Brien
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In order for reflecting pools to be effective, they need to provide a serene, placid surface. Any element that may disturb, dirty, or break up the water should be avoided. This does not mean a reflecting pond needs to be uninteresting. Just be careful.

Reflecting Pools: A Few Things to be Aware of

Waterfalls and fountains should pretty much be avoided. Unless the waterfall in question is very gentle, and the pond very large, it will disturb the water too much. Even pumps and filters are tricky. You want to the water to be clean, but not circulated around too much by the flowing water. Forget about fountains. The falling water is far too disruptive.

Plants that reside on the bottom of a pond, like Anacharis grasses work great in helping to keep a pond clear. They oxygenate water and absorb waste and other unwanted matter. They also provide food for fish and offer a place for baby fish to hide.

Fishing for Peace

When it comes to fish, keep the population small in relation to the size of reflecting pools. The Anacharis grass is only going to be able to do so much in providing food and absorbing waste. You definitely don't want your pond to have a lot of muck on its surface from fish business. The fish will also get along better and provide a more peaceful environment for the pool in question.

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