Shallow Garden Ponds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Shallow garden ponds may not seem desirable, but actually they are. Although you don't want a pond to be too shallow of course, a shallower pond is going to be healthier than a deeper one for several very important reasons.

The Advantage of Shallow Garden Ponds

Shallow garden ponds allow sunlight to reach the bottom of the pool more easily. This helps plants like Anacharis grasses to grow and produce oxygen. A pond's surface area is the main contributing factor to a garden pond's health. The more surface area, the more sunlight and gas exchange is possible for the health of the plants and animals placed in a pond.

Shallow Gardening

Another benefit to a more shallow pond is the tending of the plants. Many plants do need to be taken out to trim or replant, or fertilizer added to their soil. This task becomes much easier when you don't have to reach too far to the bottom of a pool.

The only thing to be aware of when dealing with a shallow pond is the needs of floating plants. Some grow to be large, and will spread out and choke a pond if they don't have enough space to grow upward. Also be careful about the fish. Goldfish are a good choice because they will grow in relation to a pond's size. A pond that is too shallow will be hard on larger fish.

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