Water Fountains

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Water fountains add a beautiful touch to any garden landscape. They are decorative, beautiful, artistic, and provide a refreshing, tranquil mood to an environment. When you see fountains in public places like parks or museums, pay close attention to the plants and animals that are placed in the fountain's pond.

The Pitfalls of Water Fountains

So, what kind of plants and fish do the professionals usually add to ponds that have a water fountain in them? Give up? The answer is, you never see fish and plants in fountains. This is because the falling water is very hard on plants and animals.

First of all, water fountains aerate the water too much, making it unhealthy for fish. The constantly falling water also creates an extremely turbulent environment. This makes fish skittish and stressed out, and plant roots unstable. It also keeps sediments from collecting that plants and animals need to eat.

A Fountain is Just a Fountain

If a fountain is a must have addition to a yard or garden, it's best that it be just that ... a fountain. Adding them to ponds where animals and plants are going to live is not a good idea. This way, you can also add filters, pumps, and chlorination to the fountain as much you want to keep it clean, without having to worry about killing anything in the process.

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