Water Gardening

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Water gardening is a necessary effort when it comes to maintaining an ecologically healthy pond. Just because the plants are underwater does not mean they can be ignored. It's best to treat a water garden the same way you do gardens on dry land.

Water Gardening Tips

Like any plant, water gardening has to begin with the right soil. Top soil, manure, and regular fertilizing is essential. Fertilizer briquettes and tablets are sold to make the process easier in underwater situations. Just reach down and push the briquette or tablet right into the soil.

Water plants need to be planted in pots that will be placed at the bottom of a pool. In the case of many plants such as water lilies, holes should be drilled in the pot to allow water to pass through the soil. Water lilies need to be replanted periodically as well, so make sure the pots they are in are accessible.

Let There Be Light

Water plants also need sunlight. This is why a pond's depth and location is crucial. If a pond is too deep, or placed under an area that is too shady, bottom dwelling plants, like Anacharis grasses which are crucial to a pond's health will not get enough sunlight. Finally, make sure to get the right kind of fish. Koi fish are very popular, but wreak havoc on plants. Goldfish are a better choice.

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