Waterfall Construction

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Few things are more relaxing than the comforting sound of running water. Almost nothing beats having this luxury in the privacy of your own back yard. First, decide exactly where you want the waterfall. It should be audible and visible from the place where you'll spend the bulk of your time.

Waterfalls Rock!

Once you know what you want and where to put it, you're ready for rocks. The most critical aspect of the waterfall construction is the base rock. Every rock in the waterfall has to rest on this, so it has to be strong and large enough to support them. You'll want to position the rock so there is an opening beneath it.

Easy Waterfall Construction

Once you have your base rock, you need a pool liner. This must be big enough to cover the pond, but also needs to extend under the base and run beneath the rocks to the top. This simple act will make sure your waterfall water stays where it's supposed to, instead of seeping out into the lawn. Make sure the liner and base rock are secure.

Next, fill in your waterfall with rocks that are smaller and of varying sizes to make the fall more interesting and natural looking. Finally, use a hose to make sure the water flows the way you want in order to best enjoy your waterfall construction.

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