Yard Ponds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Yard ponds are a great addition to any home. Whether in the front or back yard, ponds add beauty and serenity to the environment. Working on a pond yourself creates a vital creative outlet. It is also physically beneficial to work outside on such projects. If done well, a good pond can even raise the value of your house.

Yard Ponds: Home to Wildlife

Yard ponds are home to plants, and often fish. When creating a pond just for plants, the work is fairly uncomplicated. Complexity is added with each new element. Be careful if you intend to house fish such as koi in a pond full of plants. Koi are beautiful, yet notoriously aggressive fish, and will eat plants.

Ponds are unquestionably made more beautiful with the addition of koi. Many owners who didn't research their prospects beforehand, however, find they are ill equipped to deal with koi. Koi eat a lot. This means that you not only have to have a lot of food on hand for koi, but you'll also have to deal with the large amount of waste they create. If not filtered properly, waste becomes toxic and will kill both fish and plants.

Create Your Own

If you are creating your own yard pond, be sure to research beforehand. Make sure you have a good pond liner and water pump. Sizing a water pump is simple. Half of the water should be pumped every hour to ensure good circulation. If you have fish, make sure your filter siphons gently so as not to disrupt their habitat.

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