De Pool Filters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Many pool owners are familiar with cartridge filters. This is because pool equipment makers have been using cartridge filters for a long time and many home pools and spas have these systems in place. What many people do not know, however, is that there are other types of filtration systems available for use in backyard pools and spas.

What is a D.E. Filter and How Does it Work?

A very interesting and increasingly common type is called a D.E. filter. D.E. stands for diatomaceous earth. Don't let that big name frighten you, the concept is actually quite easy to understand. Here is how a D.E. filter works, in very brief detail. There are actually two layers of protection in a D.E. filter. Water is pumped through the filter. The first thing it encounters is a layer of diatomaceous earth. Dirt and other particles can not penetrate the earth filter.

The water, however, can. It continues to flow through the D.E. and then through the second filtration device, a more typical filter like a cloth. Only very clean and filtered water makes it into your pool. When it's time to backwash, water flow is reversed and the accumulated dirt is evacuated and drained away. Maintenance requirements are low.

There are several advantages to D.E. filters. First, they produce remarkably clean water. D.E. filters remove particles much smaller than a cartridge filter is capable of, resulting in cleaner water. They also have greater capacity. A D.E. filter can clean a greater area than a comparable cartridge filter. They are quite efficient, too, and this means lower cost to operate and maintain.

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