Hayward Pool Filters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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To get a better idea of the different pool filters available for in ground and above ground home pools, let's take a look at one of the top producers of these products and compare two of its most popular models. The company we'll be looking at is Hayward, and the filters are called the Swim Clear and the Star Clear Plus.

Comparing Hayward Pool Filters

Both models are what are called cartridge filters. This means that they have replaceable filter cartridges, and these elements are what provide the filtration capabilities. The Swim Clear is an all around excellent cartridge filter. It is made of advanced, corrosion proof materials that resist damage due to weather and constant exposure to water. It has a huge capacity and an extra large drain that makes cleaning easy and fast.

The Star Clear Plus is also a top of the line cartridge filter. It has many similarities to the Swim Clear. It is made of the same resistant materials and provides excellent filtration. Only clean and filtered water will ever make it into your pool or spa. The Star Clear Plus, however, is designed for use in much smaller pools.

Cost is another noticeable difference. The Star Clear Plus is obviously less expensive because it can not handle the capacity of the Swim Clear. The Star Clear Plus will cost less, but again, it is best for use in small pools. Both are easy to clean and require little maintenance. When maintenance is necessary, both the Star Clear Plus and the Swim Clear are quite user friendly.

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