Laars Pool Heaters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If you're looking for a really good deal on a high quality pool heater, you might want to consider looking at Laars. Laars is a pool equipment company that makes the Lite 2 heater, in partnership with another top pool supply company. The Lite 2 is one of the best all around heaters on the market and is one of the most affordable too.

One thing that makes this heater so appealing to consumers is its incredibly user friendly design. Its interfaces are meant to be easy to read and use. Programming features is remarkably easy, leading to fewer frustrations in pool maintenance and upkeep. This means less stress and more enjoyment, things we all want.

User Friendly Laars Pool Heater

Last summer, my sister put a pool in her backyard so her four year old son could improve his swimming skills. She decided to go with a Laars heater. Now my sister (whom I love dearly), bless her heart, has never been technologically minded. Gadgets and computers just aren't her forte. Display screens intimidate her and too many bells and whistles are confusing. The Laars heater, however, has been so easy to use that she has never once experienced a problem with it and she is very glad that she chose that particular brand.

This heater is not only easy to use, it is also reliable and efficient. It withstands weather and temperature extremes so it requires little maintenance. It also comes with one of the industry's best warranties. If a problem does arise, Laars has some of the best customer service professionals in the business standing by to assist.

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