Pentair Pool Filters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Pentair, a leading swimming pool equipment maker, produces what are called cartridge filters. They are intended to make swimming pool water cleaner and healthier. By continually filtering swimming pool water, they ensure that water quality is maintained and that water is always clean and clear.

Two Pentair Pool Filters

Pentair makes several different pool filters. Here is a look at two of the most popular to give you an idea of what the company offers, and you can then compare Pentair's products to similar alternatives like Hayward or Sta-Rite. First, the Pentair Clean and Clear. The name does imply the product's function, and it does it well. This is a well built piece of equipment that really gets the job done. The Clean and Clear has a high capacity, is resistant to chemical corrosion, and is easy to clean.

The other popular Pentair model, the Clean and Clear Plus, is just a step up from the standard Clean and Clear. It has even greater capacity, has been thoroughly tested, and is incredibly strong. It is slightly more expensive than the standard model, but its advanced capabilities make it still a great bargain.

All pool filters, regardless of manufacturer, should come with a solid warranty. Making sure the filter you buy has a strong warranty can save headaches down the road if a problem should arise. Problems with Pentair filters are not common, but things do break down sometimes, so you'll want the extra confidence and protection you get with a good warranty.

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