Pool And Spa Equipment

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Having your own pool or spa at home is definitely enjoyable and rewarding, but let's face it, there's also some responsibility and work involved, and a lot of equipment you're going to need. The right equipment is necessary in order to keep your pool or spa in usable condition and to extend the usable season.

Important Pool and Spa Equipment

There are several necessary pieces of equipment every spa and pool owner needs. One such piece of equipment is a pump. When searching for the right pump, you'll want to look for one that is efficient and quiet. Noisy pumps will get annoying very quickly. Also, look for a pump that is built to resist corrosion and one that is meant for easy maintenance.

A filtration system is another necessary piece of equipment. You'll need to keep your pool and spa clean, so a good filter is critical. Most filters are sand filters. Sand has been used as a pool filter since swimming pools have been used. Water moves downward through the sand, leaving behind particles and debris so that only clean water comes out the bottom and into your pool.

For pools and spas, a heater is also advisable. A water heater will allow you to get more time out of your pool, even when the weather starts to cool down a little, and it is of course necessary for your spa. An automatic pool cleaner is a tremendous help to any pool owner and seriously cuts down on the amount of work involved in having your own pool.

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