Pool Sand Filters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Proper maintenance of backyard swimming pools is the duty of all pool owners. Equipment must be kept in top condition and all safety precautions must be adhered to. When the pool is not in use or when the season is over, it needs to be covered to prevent accidents. Maintenance of the pool's pump, motor, and filtration system should be performed regularly.

Keeping a pool's filtration system running in optimal condition is a top priority for pool owners. It is imperative that you keep your pool clean, and a properly maintained filtration system is the best way to accomplish this. Checking the pool's filter at the beginning of the season is always recommended.

Sand Pool Filters

When checking the filtration system, most people will encounter a sand filter. This is the most widely used filtration system in standard backyard pools. The sand is used to filter out tiny particles so that only clean, healthy water makes it into your pool. As the filter's design (and gravity) move water down through the sand, sediment and particles are left behind and only pure, filtered water makes it out the bottom and into your pool.

A good filter is essential to the health and proper function of your backyard pool, so do not necessarily go with the cheapest one. Most filtration systems are relatively affordable, so you'll be able to get a good, long lasting filter at a decent price. For even more savings, you can search online. There are several excellent discount pool equipment sites on the Internet that are willing and able to get you the equipment you require at low prices.

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