Pool Time Clocks

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Pool time clocks are an often overlooked swimming pool and spa supply. Time clocks are tremendously useful pieces of equipment and should receive as much attention and consideration as any other piece of pool equipment like pumps, filters, and cleaners. A good time clock will make swimming more enjoyable and maintenance easier.

Because your pool or spa will not be in continual use at all hours of the day, it makes sense to program its various settings to a timer. This will save on utility costs and also save wear and tear on your pool's other important equipment, reducing maintenance and replacement expenses. Because multiple systems can be run through the clock, installation costs will also be reduced.

Protecting the pool time clock from exposure to the elements is important. The clock can be damaged by rain, snow, or frequent high winds. You'll want to enclose the clock in a tight, weather proof case. Some manufacturers provide these cases, or you can purchase one separately. Do not install the clock outdoors until you have a weather proof casing in place.

Convenience of a Pool Time Clock

A time clock makes using your pool more convenient. If you regularly take a swim in the morning, you can set the clock to start the pool's heater, filter, pump, etc. around the time you usually go for a dip. The systems will then shut off automatically when you're done, and then they can restart at say three o'clock in anticipation of your children's return from school.

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