Spa Air Blowers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The relaxing, massaging air jets are one of the main reasons people invest in a spa. The high temperature and massaging jets are great for sore muscles and for relieving tension. Without a good spa air blower, a Jacuzzi is really just an extremely large and hot bath tub. With a good air blower, it can be a therapeutic, revitalizing experience.

Relaxing in Your Own Spa

Imagine coming home from a long day at the office, tense and wound up. If you don't do something rewarding for yourself, you can find it extremely difficult to shake off the tension and the bad mood. This can affect every aspect of your life. To relieve this stress, try taking a much deserved and relaxing sit in your bubbling hot tub. It can turn your whole day around.

The air blowers and the heat will do amazing things to make you feel better. To get the perfect effect, you'll probably want your spa's temperature somewhere between 100°F to 105°F. While this is certainly hot, it is not too hot to do damage to your muscles or burn your skin. Just make sure to drink plenty of water so that you do not risk dehydration.

To achieve this perfect temperature, you can use an electric or gas/propane powered heater. Electric heaters are ideal for the environmentally conscious. Electric heaters are extremely efficient and do not harm the environment. Properly heated and with bubbling jets, your hot tub is going to be like a private health spa in your own backyard.

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