Winter Pool Covers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Unless you live near the equator somewhere in the tropics, there is going to be some time of the year when the weather will not permit you to use your backyard swimming pool. Winter in Oklahoma is certainly different than winter in Michigan, but it is still a time when personal swimming pools will not be used.

When winter comes, it is time to close up your pool until the warmer weather returns. Pool owners should use winter pool covers in order to protect their pools during the off season, even if the off season is only a few months like in some southern states. Winter pool covers provide several benefits that will help you maximize the enjoyment you get out of your pool each year.

Using a Winter Pool Cover

Winter covers are made of extremely strong and durable materials. Most are of a synthetic, woven fabric. These covers add an extra degree of safety to pools that are not in use and are therefore probably unsupervised. Children and pets are far less likely to get hurt when the pool is covered and securely fastened. Covering an unused pool is not only recommended, it is often the law.

Winter pool covers also protect pools from the ravages of weather. They keep unwanted substances out of the pool so that when spring comes and it's time to head back to the water, preparations are quick and easy. Good winter pool covers need to protect pools from algae growth. Look for a cover that is light proof. Algae requires direct sunlight to flourish so a light blocking cover will keep your pool algae free all season.

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