Poly Bags

Written by Bonnie McElfresh
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If you are trying to take steps to protect your family and your home from flooding, there is one plastic product that is pretty indispensable in a flooding situation. Plastic poly bags can be used in countless ways to alleviate flood damage and to protect property. You can even wrap large poly bags around the base of your house to stop water seepage if you begin well ahead of the flood waters.

Protecting Heirlooms

Many people living in flood-prone areas routinely wrap and pack valuables in poly bags once the flooding season arrives. If the worst has happened and your precious heirlooms have been immersed in flood water, you are advised to seal them inside poly bags until you can hand them over to experts. The concept is that if they dry out too quickly, they may be damaged beyond repair. If an expert receives them while they're still wet, there's more chance of reclaiming them.

While burlap sacks are the traditional material for sandbag use, some experts are now saying that poly bags are better. Although they're slippery and prone to bursting, they are waterproof, and can be reused. This last benefit has very real advantages when you live in an area that floods regularly. Burlap tends to rot once it gets wet; plastic does no such thing.

However, there are drawbacks to using poly bags. It has happened that bags have worked loose and been swept away in floodwaters. In this case, it is possible that they could block drainage points and actually contribute to a worsening of flood conditions.

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