Le Corbusier Chairs

Written by David Gordoni
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Le Corbusier chairs derive their name from the innovative French designer Le Corbusier. Now considered a design genius by the interior design world, Le Corbusier was a man who was clearly ahead of his time. One need only to look up the many designs that are named after him to understand the man left the world a richer place stylistically than the one he was born into.

Avant-Garde Design and Le Corbusier Chairs

In the late '20s Le Corbusier began to experiment with furniture design. It was during this time period that he built a chair with a completely novel approach to the use of steel tubing. Today Le Corbusier chairs have been modified into other shapes and sizes, including sofas to fit two or three people. Also, this design has been used to make other furniture items, such as dining room tables and coffee tables.

The popular choice for fabric coverings on these chairs and sofas is often black leather. However, there are several other options for people of a different mind, and unique, custom-made Le Corbusier chairs are always impressive. The trick is to find a manufacturer that can handle this request without charging some jaw-dropping sum.

With the advent of the Web, custom-made chairs are being purchased by a growing number of people. Online furniture stores often work directly with a manufacturer, and these manufacturers often take requests for custom-built furniture. Since they are able to eliminate the middleman, there are often great values involved with this approach.

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