Boston Self Storage

Written by James Lyons
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With brutal winters and humid summers, Boston self storage is something most Bostonians have no interest in worrying about. Bostonians are known for their ability to work hard and play hard and they don't typically like to bother themselves with things like self storage. They'd rather be sitting in a pub complaining about the cursed Red Sox.

Having spent some time in Boston, I can appreciate the need for self storage. It continues to be one of the most expensive cities in the country in which to live. New York and San Francisco aside, you get about half the living space for twice the money. A 1000 square foot apartment in Nashville is worth two to three times as much in Boston. This then leads to a need for self storage.

The Challenges of Boston Self Storage

Much like Baltimore, Houston, New York, and Los Angeles, Boston has a traffic problem. This is inevitable when millions of people live in one relatively small geographic area. In addition, residents typically have less space to work with in Boston, so the need for Boston self storage is very high. Residents don't want to part with their belongings but cannot fit all of them into their new homes.

However, who wants to drive to a remote location that may or may not be secure to store their stuff. Bostonians are notorious for working hard, but they would rather spend their spare time bashing the Yankees and cheering the Patriots than struggling with self storage issues. Boston self storage companies have taken notice of this inherent dilemma and structured their businesses to work with people, rather than against them. What we find bothersome, other companies find intriguing.

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