Business Self Storage

Written by James Lyons
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If you own a small of medium-sized business, self storage will always be an issue. I recently worked with a small-sized company that was experiencing rapid growth. As revenue increased and their client list grew, they had a need to hire more employees and purchase more equipment. Their office was feeling smaller and smaller and the company had a serious self storage issue.

In fact, this issue eventually turned into a fire hazard. Old equipment and old boxes lined the walls and their employees began feeling a bit claustrophobic. To rectify this issue, this business had two viable options--they could move to a new location or partner with a storage company that could accommodate their needs.

Business Self Storage for the Business Minded People

This company I'm referring to is a very successful organization run by incredibly intelligent women and men. They new they were not ready for a new space, so the leaders decided to find an appropriate business self storage company that matched their financial and service needs. The Chief Operating Officer eventually settled on a company that provided door to door storage.

This inevitably eliminated the need for them to hire drivers to pick up and drop off equipment and extra office supplies. Looking into the future, the executives believed they would need this extra equipment down the road. In addition, they needed convenient access and cost-efficiency. Fortunately, they found a Business self storage company that offered all the things they required without eating into company profits. In addition, the employees appreciated the decision.

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