Chicago Self Storage

Written by James Lyons
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In Chicago, self storage is often a privilege for those who can afford it. Chicago was incorporated in 1833 which was only 15 years after Illinois became a state. This was merely 23 years after General "Mad" Anthony Wayne defeated the British in the Battle of Fallen Timbers, making the disputed Illinois an actual territory. In fact, in 1833, less than 400 people resided in Chicago's city limits.

In thirty-seven years the Chicago's population grew to 300,000, one-thousand times greater than when it began. Chicago continues to grow every year. With it's proximity to Lake Michigan, beautiful skyline, incredible food, and wonderful art center, Chicago has become a popular place for people of all backgrounds to settle down. It's also pretty darn expensive.

Chicago Self Storage Grows with the City

As the population of Chicago grew, so did the number of businesses. As more people moved in, property values went up and available space went down. Like all big cities, you paid more for less space and were faced with storing family heirlooms and extra lamps somewhere else. Chicago self storage companies swooped in to save the day.

Well, some saved the day and others just made money. Realizing the self storage market was getting saturated, certain Chicago self storage companies evolved while others simply died. The ones that thrived began offering differentiated services like delivering and picking up storage containers. This made life much easier for those of us who have moved to bigger cities with more stuff than we can fit into our homes.

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