Packing Tips

Written by James Lyons
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Are you looking for some valuable packing tips? Having worked as a mover and moved several times myself, I have accumulated some valuable packing tips that you might want to jot down. I am not the guru of packing, but I can certainly add some wisdom to your packing process. Most people make it much harder than it should be because they don't know what to do.

First of all, take inventory of your home and choose the items worth keeping and the ones you can do without. If you need extra money, have a yard sale or garage sale. If you like giving to charity, donate your extraneous belongings to a local Good Will,
Salvation Army, church, or other charitable organization. Make sure you collect a receipt for tax purposes.

Some More Packing Tips

The next piece of advice I snatched from my current storage company. They suggested I purchase a big accordion file to store all my important moving-related documents. I've come to learn that many moving expenses are tax deductible, and moving-related receipts should be kept. This binder can also be used to organize other important moving documents or a place to store your newly acquired packing tips.

If you want to find out exactly what you can and cannot deduct, call the IRS and ask for Publication 521: "Tax Information on Moving Expenses." That aside, as you begin packing, first pack possessions that you rarely use. Also, arrange to have your utilities stopped at your former address the day after you move out, and request that all deposits be returned. Call the local utilities serving your new home address to have service connected a day before you move in.

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