San Jose Self Storage

Written by James Lyons
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San Jose self storage is a blooming business with more and more people choosing San Jose over the more expensive San Francisco. The city of San Jose offers many of the same advantages of San Francisco without the incredibly high cost of living. Furthermore, its close proximity to the Bay area gives residents even more entertainment options on the weekends.

San Jose is often the site of significant earthquakes. In fact, tremors occur every day in the San Jose area, most of which are undetectable by humans. However, self storage facilities in the San Jose area have a unique challenge in that they must be designed to withstand the shock of a big earthquake.

A Little San Jose Self Storage History

Located at the western approach to the Central Valley, with its many war-hungry Indians, San Jose proved at first more strategic in a military sense than a fertile field for mission crops. At the end of the first year there were only 33 new converts, but success eventually arrived. By 1830, nearly 2,000 Indians lived at the mission, making it one of the largest missions in the north. Believe it or not, San Jose self storage companies began sprouting up by the late 1800s.

Self storage remained basically the same for over 100 years--here's a place to store your things, now give me your money. Business owners loved the simplicity. However, as times changed so did expectations, and today consumers expect more from their San Jose self storage companies. We want more convenience without paying more money and a few companies provide that.

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