Storage Pods

Written by James Lyons
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The idea of storage pods is a relatively new concept. When most people think of self storage, they envision some dingy, damp series of garage-like storage units in a line. They think of renting moving trucks, theft, damaged furniture, and sore backs. This represents the bulk of responses I've received when I asked people about self storage.

Storage pods were designed to make the self storage process much easier for customers. Storage pods offer the same function as the garage-like storage units, but their comprised of high-pressure treated wood, which makes them lighter and more durable. These storage pods can actually be delivered to businesses and households. Customers can load these pods with their belongings and have their stuff carted away to a secure facility.

Storage Pods Are Transforming the Self Storage Business

Traditional self storage companies can no longer sit idle watching other self storage companies build bigger revenues and bigger client lists. People who use door to door storage companies get all the same benefits of self storage without all the hassle. In fact, depending on what company they are with, they get more benefits. One might think that this service would cost more money, but it does not.

More and more consumers are switching to this idea of the storage pod. It makes economic sense and practical sense. As people evolve so do businesses. Sometimes, businesses evolve before people. In this case, forward thinking businessmen and women decided to offer something better to their customer base and the result is obvious.

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