Cut-off Saws

Written by Charles Peacock
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Cut-off saws, also known as power cutters, are saws built for heavy cutting in hard materials. They are built one the same principles as chain saws and other wood saws, but feature enough blade strength and engine power to cut through materials like stone, metal, concrete and asphalt. They are considered a heavy-duty piece of equipment.

Features of Cut-off Saws

Since cut-off saws are used to cut through extremely hard, dense materials, they have to be powerful. Unlike chain saws, which can work fine with lower horsepower and torque levels, cut-off saws need a stronger engine to operate well. Most of these saws have at least four to five horsepower, and the heavier-duty models can have up to ten horsepower.

A great thing about cut-off saws is that the blades are usually interchangeable. This allows you not only to rotate your blades (which can become dull very quickly when you're cutting through stone or concrete), but to use the best blade for the type of material you're cutting. Stone blades differ from metal blades, and every good cut-off saw will be able to handle either kind.

As with any kind of power tool, there are certain features you should always look for in a good cut-off saw. Ergonomic design is always important, since you're working with a piece of machinery that is powerful and can be very dangerous. Being able to comfortable handle a machine is important if you want to do the job safely and effectively.

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