Garden Tillers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Garden tillers are a real necessity if you want to keep your garden looking great. They are available in a wide variety of styles, from traditional hand-powered tillers to expensive, heavy-duty engine-driven tillers for large jobs. Examining the different models of garden tillers is the first step toward making a choice that will fit your gardening needs.

What Kind of Garden Tillers Should You Buy?

The main thing to think about when shopping for garden tillers is the size of land you need to cultivate. Tillers are available in so many different sizes and models that you have to narrow down your choices before you really start looking. If you're a professional gardener, you probably know that you need to buy a gas-powered tiller with a large cultivating area, so you can cover a lot of land quickly.

If, however, you're buying a tiller for your home gardening needs, the decision becomes more complex. Smaller gas-powered tillers are available to make your soil cultivating easier, but even these come in a wide range of sizes. Think about how much of your garden is wide and open, versus small and closed-in.

Larger machines will work great for big open gardens, while small edge tillers are perfect for tilling in tight garden lanes. If you have both types of areas in your garden, you may want to think about buying two tillers. Compared to other types of power gardening equipment, they are relatively cheap and easy to store, so having two isn't the worst thing in the world.

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