Lawn Aerators

Written by Charles Peacock
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Lawn aerators are an unfamiliar product for a lot of people. I remember in high school, walking across our fields, thinking the dirt plugs left behind by our landscapers' aerators were something else entirely (left behind by the neighborhood geese). As I learned later, lawn aerators can be a necessity if you want to keep your grass looking healthy.

How Lawn Aerators Work

Grass didn't evolve for people to walk on it, it just happens to provide a nice soft outdoor walking surface. In grassy areas with a lot of foot traffic, the grass and its roots tend to get compacted. This can lead to unhealthy grass because the tightly packed roots are unable to absorb sufficient nutrients.

Lawn aerators work by removing evenly-spaced dirt plugs that are several inches deep. This creates breathing holes for your grass, so rain and air are able to penetrate better into the roots. This allows for better absorption of nutrients, and the result is healthier grass.

Another benefit of lawn aerators is the fact that they can promote deeper root growth. By literally giving the grass roots more room to breathe, the roots themselves will grow into the aerated holes, penetrating deeper into the ground. This will leave your grass looking healthier and will also allow it to survive better in drought conditions.

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