Lawn Edgers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Lawn edgers are finesse landscaping equipment for those who are truly serious about making their property look great. When I first looked at a lawn edger I had no idea what it could be used for, but the more experience you have with landscaping the more you realize that you can't do without one. Let's take a look at some of the different types of lawn edgers out there.

Which Lawn Edger Should You Choose?

The cheapest and most basic lawn edgers run on a type of power that's completely free and environmentally safe: human power. If you don't mind putting a little effort in your yard work, you certainly won't mind the minimal effort required to operate a traditional lawn edger. By pushing the edger forward, the blade begins to spin and cut whatever is underneath it--provided you're pushing hard enough.

If you want the job to be easier, there are plenty of gas-powered edgers out there. Gas powered lawn edgers have the advantage of being able to cut through tougher things like roots that might foil a human-powered edger. In many cases they also offer many more features, like memorized depth settings and interchangeable blades.

The real advantage of using an edger is that it controls your cutting motion. Since edgers come with either one wheel or a set of wheels, it makes it easy to cut a smooth, consistent line. It is difficult to achieve this level of precision when you're using something like a trimmer or weed cutter.

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