Lawn Tractors

Written by Charles Peacock
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Lawn tractors are the best solution for professional landscapers and people who don't have the time to take care of their enormous lawns. They're fast, efficient, and can even be a lot of fun to drive. But they're powerful pieces of equipment that can be quite dangerous, so let's take a look at some of the safety steps you should take when operating lawn tractors.

Operating Lawn Tractors Safely

You might feel indestructible when sitting on top of a large lawn tractor, but the reality is that a lot of unexpected things can happen very quickly that can put you and others in danger. It's always important, for instance, to clear any large debris from a lawn before cutting it with a tractor. If you run over a large branch or piece of metal, you risk sending a small shard shooting out the side of the tractor that can seriously injure you or anyone within a hundred feet.

Always keep guards and safety shields in place on your lawn tractors, and always wear protective equipment when operating them. Goggles are always a great idea to protect your eyes from flying debris. In addition, it's important to wear thick shoes to protect your feet in the unfortunate event that they get near the tractor's blades.

Lawn tractors are most dangerous when their blades are exposed, and even if this seems an unlikely scenario, it is possible. If you're riding your tractor on an incline, for instance, there is a chance that it might tip over. Always be careful to take a safe angle, so the tractor's weight is evenly distributed and it's not prone to tipping.

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