Portable Generators

Written by Charles Peacock
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Portable generators are a useful tool when you're in need of electricity but don't have a place to plug in. Whether you're camping or running a construction site, they can provide enough power to operate even heavy-duty tools and equipment. Portable generators come in many sizes, so let's take a look at the different types on the market.

Portable Generators: Size and Power Capabilities

If you're looking for portable generators for recreational use, it's best to avoid buying something that's more powerful than your needs require. Generators can be quite loud and can eat up a lot gas, so if you're only interested in powering things like a radio, a fan or a small kitchen appliance, go with a small generator. Several models are available that actually produce fewer decibels than a person talking.

Generators are usually rated according to wattage. Small appliances like those mentioned above typically only require about 1,000 watts of electricity. If you're looking to run more powerful equipment like professional power tools, you'll need a generator that can output at least several thousand watts.

Industrial-strength generators are also available for truly heavy-duty needs. These generators can power multiple power tools on a construction site, or other power-intensive things like electric musical equipment and speakers. Larger generators burn more gas and are usually quite loud, so it's important to think ahead in terms of fuel requirements and where to place the unit.

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