Power Augers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Power augers can be a great addition for anyone who is serious about their landscaping. Whether you're a professional or simply a gardening enthusiast, power augers can save a lot of time and effort when it comes to digging small holes. Let's take a look at some of the advantages offered by this special kind of tool.

What Power Augers Can Do for Your Garden

Most power augers use gasoline-powered engines, which allow you to operate them in the far corners of your garden where there is no electricity. Good, easy-to-use augers will have features like electronic ignition and a primer pump that helps you get them started even if it's cold outside. Most power augers also feature adjustable speeds.

Landscaping augers are generally intended to be used for digging small holes in your garden. If you want to plant a lot of flowers, they can save you the time and effort of having to spend hours on your knees digging evenly-sized holes. With a standard auger bit, you can dig dozens of holes in just a few minutes! Augers can also be used to dig holes for things like sign posts or decorative lawn ornaments.

Another great advantage of power augers is that you can use them (along with the appropriate bit) for deep root fertilization. Since they make it so easy to drill a deep hole, you can quickly get fertilizer down where your deep-rooted plants need it most. No matter what you want to use your auger for, different bits and accessories are available to customize the tool to your needs.

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