Power Lawn Mowers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Power lawn mowers are the next step up over the old-fashioned hand-driven reel mowers that have been around for over a hundred years. It's a big step, however--some power lawn mowers have the capability to cut as many as 35 acres in a single day with virtually no human effort at all! Power lawn mowers come in many different shapes and sizes, and we'll examine the most common ones here.

Varieties of Power Lawn Mowers

Any lawn mower that has an engine can technically be classified as a power mower, but the capabilities of these mowers vary substantially. The most basic power mowers are traditional walk-behind push mowers. The engine simply spins the cutting blade, and you push it around the lawn yourself.

More expensive push mowers now come with their own drive systems, so you just release a clutch and walk behind the mower as it does all the work. Walking behind a mower limits how fast it can go, however, so if you have a large lawn, you might want to look into a riding mower or tractor. Riding mowers again are available in many different sizes, from those with a similar cutting radius to push mowers, to those with enormous blades and high speed engines that can cut a whole farm in a day.

Most power lawn mowers feature gas-driven engines, but you may be surprised to learn that there are a few electric models out there. Electric push mowers are actually quite common in Europe, where people typically have smaller yards that don't require anything more than a small mower. Electric mowers are most likely the wave of the future, since gas-powered mowers tend to have high levels of emissions and can be expensive to run.

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