Power Tools

Written by Charles Peacock
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Power tools can be a real life-saver if you spend a lot of time working with your hands. They allow for greater levels of precision when doing things like cutting, trimming and building. They also allow us to complete tasks far faster than we could if we were using traditional human-powered tools.

Buying the Best Power Tools

Since power tools are so ubiquitous, a lot of models can be acquired very cheaply. If you're only looking for a tool that will get you through a single job, it's not a bad idea to buy something cheap that will get the job done quickly. If you're looking to use the tool for several years and dozens of jobs, however, it pays to make an investment in quality.

Power tools can basically be broken down into two categories: electric-powered and gas-powered. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of gas-powered tools is portability: you can take them and use them anywhere as long as you have enough fuel. Electric tools are confined to areas where you can plug them in--unless, of course, you have a gas-powered generator, and then you can also use them anywhere!

Gas powered tools, generally speaking, have a lot of power. They are only limited by the size of their engine, and are good for heavy remote tasks like cutting down trees and mowing lawns. The one main disadvantage of gas tools (if you are environmentally conscious) is their often high level of greenhouse gas emissions. Many gas-powered tools are, in fact, banned in certain areas because of the level of pollution they produce.

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