Riding Lawn Mowers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Riding lawn mowers are the dream of many a suburbanite. Not only are they fun to ride (and cool to look at), they have a way of hearkening back to the good old days when America was still an agrarian culture. Even if you don't look at riding lawn mowers with a high degree of sentimentality, they can be a useful time-saving tool for amateur and professional landscapers.

Different Styles of Riding Lawn Mowers

The most basic riding lawn mowers are usually rear engine mowers. These mowers feature a small horsepower engine mounted under the seat, with a reasonably sized cutting blade up front. They are good for small lawns, usually those that are less than one acre.

The next step up in riding lawn mowers is the front engine mower. These mowers have a bit more room for a larger engine, and thus have a stronger and faster cutting capacity. They also have the ability to drive faster without reducing cutting capabilities, so they are better suited for larger lawns--anywhere from one to two acres (or more, if you really feel like riding around on the thing all day).

Commercial mowers are a real necessity for large multi-acre lawns. They are much faster than normal riding mowers, and they have a much larger cutting blade. Some of these mowers can go over 10 miles per hour, and they have blades that can be larger than 50 inches in diameter.

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