Small Engines

Written by Charles Peacock
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Small engines have been around for a long time, powering everything from industrial machinery to recreational vehicles. Almost as soon as the combustion engine was developed, people began trying it out for all sorts of purposes. As a result, we've been left with an enormous variety of tools, vehicles and machines that are powered by small engines.

Uses for Small Engines: From Sports to Manufacturing

Small engines are probably most common in home and small business tools and machines. Most people have at least two gasoline engines in their home: one in the car and one in the lawn mower. But small engines are also used in things like weed cutters, hedge trimmers, generators, tractors and chain saws.

While your car's engine probably has upwards of 150 horsepower, smaller machines and implements don't need nearly as much power. Most lawn mower engines, for instance, only have about three to four horsepower. For larger tractors, you'll find small engines with as many as 20 horse power, but they usually doesn't go much beyond that.

Small gas engines are particularly useful because they allow us to operate small machinery anywhere we want. We don't have to be restricted by having an electrical outlet nearby. And even if we want to use electric appliances in a remote location, we can fire up a gas engine-powered generator and have electricity on the go.

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