Small Gasoline Engines

Written by Charles Peacock
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Small gasoline engines provide a real convenience for both personal and professional purposes. They power things like construction tools, landscaping equipment and small recreational vehicles. Taking care of small gasoline engines is important, however, if we want them to remain reliable and last for more than a few years.

Taking Care of Small Gasoline Engines

A few decades ago, small gasoline engines tended to be very finicky, and they required a lot of attention to keep them working. Thanks to some technological developments in the last few years, they're easier than ever to use and maintain. But there are still a few things that are important to remember to keep your engine running smoothly.

First of all, oil is an absolute necessity with any small gas engine. Keeping your engine properly lubricated will prevent seizing, which can render the engine absolutely useless. Always check the oil level before using your engine, particularly if it has been sitting for a long time. Also be sure to keep any moving parts lubricated, which will avoid the machine from wearing down or choking up.

Gas engines depend on a spark to provide the necessary combustion, so always keep an eye on your spark plugs. Many problems with gas engines stem from dirty or corroded spark plugs. Simply removing the plugs, looking at the contacts, and cleaning them with a fine piece of sandpaper (if necessary) can solve problems like poor starting and thick, cloudy exhaust.

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