Sod Cutters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Sod cutters are the only way to go if you're in the business of moving and removing sod. Whether you're a sod dealer or a landscaper who frequently deals with removing and replacing sod, sod cutters are a fast and simple solution. When purchasing a good sod cutter, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

What Should You Consider When Buying Sod Cutters?

While it is possible to buy sod cutters that are push-powered, anyone who is going to cut a lot of sod will probably want a machine that is self-propelled. The good news is that the majority of professional cutters offer this feature. When buying a self-propelled sod cutter, be sure to look for one with four-wheel drive. This helps a great deal with balance and slippage, particularly in sloped areas.

Most sod cutters feature only a forward gear, but finding a model with a reverse gear can have a lot of benefits. It allows for more maneuverability, which can speed up your work if you're covering a large area with a lot of turns. Also look for cutters with easy to reach controls, and a vibration-dampening handle to make your work more comfortable.

If you've used a good sod cutter, removing the sod takes no time at all. Since the cutter slices both the sides and the roots of the sod, all you have to do is lift up the end edge and begin to roll! Using a good cutter will not only reduce your work time; it will also help keep the sod in good condition for later use.

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