Commercial Landscaping

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Commercial landscaping saves a property owner a lot of time, scheduling, and labor. Gardening is fun, but yard work is a never-ending process of weeding, mowing, edging, planting, fertilizing, and pruning. For those with a normal-size city lot or even larger grounds, keeping up with all these tasks is almost impossible. Caring for all the various kinds of plants, shrubs, and trees in a yard is a full-time job, one that requires considerable knowledge about plants and their needs.

Although gardeners pick up yard care tips wherever they can, commercial landscaping experts have a body of knowledge gained from training and experience that they are able to bring to lawn maintenance, tree care management, and shrub pruning. These experts are able to apply their know-how to each unique yard, give advice, and make recommendations for design changes or species of trees that are native to the area. Better yet, they provide a full-service plan to keep your yard looking neat and to keep all your plants and trees healthy.

Commercial Landscaping and Homeowners

For homeowners who have a full-time job, a yard can be overwhelming. If limited to what an individual could take care of, many yards might only consist of lawn and a few potted plants. On the other hand, with the services of a commercial landscaping company, a homeowner and family can have a beautifully-landscaped yard filled with flower gardens, bounded by barrier shrubs that flower, and dotted with lovely shade trees.

If you have a vision for your yard, but no time to make it reality, professional landscapers can help with the planning and can do the work. Even better, they can establish a schedule to maintain every part of your yard. With these services, you are assured of all elements of your yard receiving proper care so they look good and provide a pleasant environment for family and guests.

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