Exterior Landscape Designs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Exterior landscape designs are meant to implement the property owner's vision of the grounds and to create an aesthetic, sensible area that fits into the neighborhood. Landscaping professionals take into consideration many factors, for theirs is a comprehensive, integrated outlook. All the parts--lawn, flower beds, sprinkler system, pathways--must work together to make a cohesive whole that is both pleasing to the eye and practical.

In part, this means giving equal attention to the placement and care of trees and shrubs, not just focusing on a well-manicured lawn. All too often, this is just what happens--the lawn looks great, but the larger plants are untended. When this occurs, the effect of the edged, mowed grass is nullified by the messiness of unshaped shrubbery that looks neglected.

Excellent Exterior Landscape Designs

Whether the owners want an estate look, with sweeping lawns and side stands of native trees, or prefer more vegetation and lots of flower beds, exterior landscape designs must have these preferences at the center of plans for the grounds. Lifestyle determines use, and residential landscaping revolves around the owner's use of the exterior of the property. If the yard gets heavy foot traffic in spots, or needs a lot of shade trees for family gatherings, the design and plans will reflect this.

Native vegetation is taken into account, not only to give the property a natural look, but to ensure the trees and shrubs will thrive in the environment. It is very important to integrate all aspects of the yard in exterior landscape designs so they work together. Walkways, sprinkler systems, decks, and shrub areas should be part of an overall plan so the yard looks good and meets the needs of the owners.

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