Interior Landscape Designs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Interior landscape designs often bring living outdoor plants inside to create a lush rainforest look. Typically, large plants that do well with indoor lighting are arranged near the entry of a home, although larger trees can be used to reach second-story heights. Any kind of plant can be used, as long as its water and light requirements are met. Landscaping professionals who work on indoor designs have the knowledge to ensure the health of indoor plants.

Low-light plants can be grouped any place in a home, but a southern exposure is often ideal because of the long hours of sunlight streaming through the windows. Potted plants can be clustered either to soak up the direct rays from the sun, or to catch the bright, indirect sunlight that is so beneficial to many indoor plants. Window planters can extend an inside grouping of plants outside so the area dedicated to plants is enlarged.

Interior Landscape Designs Are Varied

Green plants, outstanding foliage plants, and flowering plants are popular decorative items in interior landscape designs. Living, growing plants seem to enhance the atmosphere in a house by making it more casual and friendly. Unique and decorative plants also make great conversation pieces, and are among the most inexpensive home improvement ideas.

A popular addition to a house in interior landscape designs is a sun room where people and plants can bask in the warmth of the sun's rays. Similar to a greenhouse, these rooms permit year-round growing of plants that otherwise would be lost in cold weather outside. Often, the sun room is one of the most popular rooms in a house because of the moderate temperature and the comfort of being surrounded by beautiful plants.

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