Landscape Maintenance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Landscape maintenance is essential to prevent a well-tended yard from reverting to an untidy shambles of wild shrubs and trees. Many people love to garden and take pride in knowing every inch of their yard--what kind of annual grows best where, and what types of trees will thrive because they are native to the area. For people who have the time and energy to commit to this full-time job, gardening is a joy.

Most people, however, do not have all the time it takes to mow, water, fertilize, trim, prune, stake, train, aerate, mulch, and plant. Fortunately, there are landscape maintenance companies whose professional staff do an expert job of performing all these vital tasks in the yard. They design and plan designs, install lawn sprinklers and trees, do tree pruning and bush trimming, and create ponds and rock gardens.

Expert Landscape Maintenance

Gardening is delightful, but if a yard is complex--meaning it has a mix of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants that require a lot of attention--or if it is large, professional landscape maintenance may be necessary. In this case, the landscapers will apply their expertise to the needs of your yard, and establish a routine and schedule for all the tasks listed above. For a busy homeowner, this must be a welcome relief from having to deal with all the maintenance jobs that arise.

The emphasis for most homeowners seems to be on the lawn. A well-manicured lawn does enhance the property, of course, but if it is dotted with shrubs that have lost their shape or plants that have as many dead flowers as they have buds, the yard will still look unruly. Professionals can trim those hedges and shrubs to bring out their natural shape, and let them become an attractive part of the yard.

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