Landscaping Professionals

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Landscaping professionals take an integrated view of home improvement ideas as they consider many factors, such as the property site. Is the house in a dry, open area, or in a shady, woodland area? Is the wind particularly fierce, as it is in South Fork, or is the wind broken up by city buildings, as on the west end of the island? Which sides of the house get sun all day, and which are shaded by trees and shrubs? Is the site flat, or is one side sloped behind the house?

What is the lifestyle of the family who owns the home? Are they gone a lot, or do they use their grounds frequently for family activities such as croquet? Homeowner couples might love to entertain outside in nice weather. What do the owners want their yard to look like? Do they want a large expanse of lawn, or do they prefer a forested look with lots of local trees and shrubs?

Landscaping Professionals Take a Holistic Approach

The property site and lifestyle of the owners are two elements that affect the kind of design and specific projects that landscaping professionals undertake. Native rocks need to be identified and used for rock gardens, and native trees and shrubs should be planted to ensure the plants look natural in the setting.

If brick work is to be done, or fences and sprinkler systems installed, they all need to be coordinated so the final design is not just a hodgepodge of projects. Placement of a deck, for example, must absolutely be part of an overall design that includes walkways and sprinkler systems. All the elements of a yard should work well together, and landscaping professionals bring their ideas and plans together to create a unified whole.

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