Long Island Landscaping Services

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Long Island landscaping services are provided by experts who specialize in the environment, habitats, and vegetation of this island. The landscaping professionals who perform these valuable services are knowledgeable about the native trees, shrubs, and plants that flourish on this narrow piece of land. Their business is knowing which trees are naturally found near the shore, which grow in the forested areas of Suffolk County, and which need the dry, open spaces of the eastern areas.

Tree care management from planting to removal is their purview. Minor tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal--any need that property owners have in the way of tree services can be met by the experienced staff of Long Island landscaping services. Their goal is a job well done with a yard that looks tidy and well-tended.

Safety and Long Island Landscaping Services

To this end, Long Island landscaping services can set up a regular schedule to fertilize plants and trees, shape shrubs, and inspect and trim trees. Realizing that many property owners emphasize the need for a neat lawn but may not have time to keep bushes under control, landscaping companies attend to the total look of a yard. When all the elements--flowers, lawn, shrubs, trees--are properly pruned, the yard has a finished look that has visual appeal.

Safety is always a major consideration also. Overhanging branches can come down on a roof even in good weather and do serious property damage. They can also come down on people and cars--and do. Regular inspection for trees, especially, is a must if property owners want to protect their liability. In an area such as Long Island, which is subject to hurricanes and winter storms, prevention of problems is the least costly way to deal with potential accidents. Comprehensive care of yards is their field, and they work with other professionals to provide complete designs and plans for grounds.

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