Maintain Existing Plants

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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To maintain existing plants, a schedule of fertilizer programs, lawn maintenance, and tree care management can be set up by landscaping professionals who are knowledgeable about the soil, water, and light needs of plants. These full-service experts will first inspect your property, looking for any signs of disease, pests, or root problems. Their report, either verbal or in writing, will detail their findings and recommendations, so you will know the status of your plants and what needs to be done to preserve them.

After assessing your yard, these professionals will then let you know what needs to be done to maintain existing plants. Diseased plants will be removed in order to protect the health of other vegetation. Pests will be controlled. Root problems in shrubs or trees are more difficult to evaluate and deal with, but some plants may be too far gone to save.

A Program to Maintain Existing Plants

A program to maintain existing plants may not be complicated, but it will be time-consuming and, perhaps, labor-intensive on occasion. Immediate trimming and pruning may be necessary to give shape to unruly bushes. Overgrown hedges may need to be cut down in size; espalier plants may require retraining.

If any trees have suckers and low-hanging limbs, these must be removed, along with any dead wood. Fertilizing of lawns, shrubs, and trees will be scheduled according to the seasonal requirements of individual species. Commercial landscaping companies provide comprehensive care for yards and all the vegetation growing in them.

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