Online Estimates

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Online estimates for residential landscaping are easy to obtain, but require some specific information about your property. You can conduct a search for general landscaping topics, or narrow your search geographically to "Long Island gardening," or "Long Island tree removal." Going online from your home or office is the fastest, most convenient way to find reliable, professional companies that provide a range of landscaping services for the busy homeowner.

It is important to find companies for online estimates that take a holistic approach to your yard, companies that can provide answers to your questions about lawn sprinkler systems, pruning of trees and shrubs, plant care, and tree removal. A landscaping business that is knowledgeable about all the elements on your property can integrate them to create an efficient and attractive whole.

Obtaining Online Estimates

Some items of information about your yard are obviously necessary for online estimates--how large the lawn area is, how many trees and shrubs you have, how extensive the flower beds are. Would you want complete service, or just mowing and edging? Complete service might include fertilizing all plants, timely pruning and trimming to maintain a well-tended look to trees and shrubs, and maintaining excellent top soil and mulch for healthy plants.

Professionals in a particular field often network with other professionals, and this is the case with landscaping and property maintenance. Quality landscapers may be able to recommend other companies that do brick work and interior design, or can install lawn sprinklers and construct decks. References and recommendations are always welcome, especially if they come from experts.

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