Plant Care Information

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Plant care information can be obtained from many excellent sources: nurseries, libraries, and landscaping professionals. Even if commercial landscaping services are not used, a homeowner needs yard care tips and advice on fertilizing, planting, and pruning. One of the most convenient ways to find everything from tree care management to rock garden creation is to go on the Internet.

Gardening groups and organizations, from specialty groups to general purpose, have informative sites about every aspect of gardening: preparing the soil for planting, selecting the best plants for your area, mulching, and trimming and pruning to maintain a healthy garden. When browsing through their websites, you can go at your own pace and print out sections you find particularly helpful about plant care information. There are many, many gardening websites, and each has a unique viewpoint or slant or interest that will contribute to a general understanding of plant care.

Personalized Plant Care Information

Consulting landscapers about plant care information will give you something online sources cannot: personalized, local advice and recommendations. While you can get landscaping estimates online, there is no substitute for having a representative view your yard and spell out what needs to be done. This gives you a chance to see if you can work well together, and to see if your ideas about yard design mesh.

If, for instance, the landscaper prefers a more formal look to a yard, but you like flowering bushes and a mix of various kinds of shrubs, you might want to work with someone who has a more sympathetic view. Landscapers must work with homeowners and listen to their wishes; on the other hand, they can't be expected to implement a design that has many drawbacks and flaws. Communication may be the key; the professional has the training and experience, but the homeowner owns the property and has a singular view that should be respected.

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