Residential Landscaping

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Residential landscaping can be accomplished with impressive results by landscaping professionals. With their artistic eyes, these trained experts can see the possibilities in any yard, regardless of size or configuration. They can also spot the defects or weaknesses, and figure ways to compensate for them or hide them with attractive trellises, espaliers, vines, or plant screens.

Working with the homeowner, residential landscaping experts draw up exterior landscape designs that couple the owner's needs and wishes with the ideas of the expert. Although the designs may be a work-in-progress for a while, the general layout probably won't change much. If electrical work is involved, or if sprinkler systems are to be installed, these require a dedicated space, and the work cannot be ripped up or changed substantially.

Local Residential Landscaping Companies

There are several advantages to using a local company to design a yard. First, a local company is relatively close, and, therefore, more accessible. It is easier for the staff to drop by to review plans or supervise work. Second, a local company might be more responsive and responsible because its local reputation for residential landscaping is on the line.

Presumably, the staff of a local company has more detailed knowledge about native plants and rocks, and about the needs of trees and shrubs that grow in particular habitats in local regions. Last, local landscapers work frequently with professionals who do other kinds of residential work--construction, paving, black topping, fence removal, plumbing. Their recommendations along these lines might spare the homeowner a hit-or-miss effort to locate a reliable business.

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