Storm Disaster Relief

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Storm disaster relief services are critical when severe winter storms or hurricanes strike residential areas. The trees that looked so lovely on a sunny day become threats to life and property during high winds, soaked ground, and lightning strikes. Arborists (those who study and care for trees) tell us, however, that healthy trees almost always withstand such attacks.

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) has informed the public that up to 90 percent of power outages in this area are caused by trees impinging on power lines. Damage to cars, homes, schools, and businesses causes delays in transportation, missed appointments and schooling, and civic disorder. If people realized most or all of these tragedies could be averted by keeping trees healthy and strong, a renewed effort to save trees might get underway.

Storm Disaster Relief and Tree Removal Services

Professional tree removal companies perform valiantly in weather emergencies in which trees crash onto roofs, cars, and streets. These experts work quickly and efficiently to remove fallen limbs and branches, but also to remove a remaining stump that has no chance of regeneration. This procedure requires knowledgeable workers who understand tree root systems and can remove them without unnecessary damage to sidewalks, water and cable lines, or underground utilities.

Excellent, reliable storm disaster relief services are essential when time is of the essence. When a crew of experts tackles a removal and cleanup job, they must work quickly but effectively to prevent further loss of property, life, or time. Knowing storm disaster relief is in professional hands is reassuring to people whose lives and property have been adversely affected by severe weather.

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