Tree Pruning And Removal Info

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Tree pruning and removal info can be obtained by looking in the Yellow Pages or going online to find residential landscaping businesses, or tree care removal companies. Some companies might do tree pruning but not removal, which is a hazardous specialty. Another specialty is storm disaster relief, which involves companies coming out during emergencies when trees have been broken or toppled by high winds or lightning.

Routine pruning has changed in the last few years. Tree topping used to be automatic, but it is no longer approved by arborists because it ruins the natural shape of the tree, encourages suckers, and fosters weak growth in the topped areas. Regard for the inherent shape of the tree should guide any trimming and pruning so the tree looks cleaned up, but not butchered.

Online Tree Pruning and Removal Info

Going online is perhaps the most convenient way to find tree pruning and removal info because you can use your home computer and take your time looking at websites of tree companies. Questions you can ask include the following: how much experience does your company have? Do you use the latest equipment? Do you carry insurance? Do you use the recommended techniques? Is clean-up included in your charges?

Compare the answers to your questions from various companies, but also compare the charges with the services you will receive. If an experienced company offers better services, it will probably charge more than a company that has no insurance and uses outdated equipment. Tree pruning and removal info obtained online should help considerably in deciding which company to do business with.

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